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Start using powerfully sharp analyses to catalyze team growth trigger concrete actions redefine team performance

After 20+ years of collaborating with team trainers and coaches, we know how crucial it is to get to the heart of the matter in every workshop and session.

We arm you with intuitive and interactive tools that maximize awareness and engagement. Tools that ensure participants leave your sessions inspired and with new insights. Tools that transform complex topics into clear, actionable steps that  participants think: “Yes, let’s apply this today!”

Apply It

Start instantly using tools that reflect real-world practice—no certification required. Cut straight to the conversations that matter and start applying new behaviors right away.


Our users often tell us that participants quickly grasp the language of the tools, allowing them to effortlessly formulate their own development steps.


Our tools are rigorously grounded in the latest scientific theory and continually tested for validity and reliability.

Discover the ultimate toolkit for communication, leadership, and team dynamics.

Join hundreds of satisfied team coaches and trainers who have applied The Sphere of Influence 360 across countless contexts for the past 15 years.


The SOI 360, supporting tools, and all insights your participants gain are directly applicable in real-world contexts. Trigger more breakthrough “Aha!” moments that. Foster more valuable insights and drive pivotal conversations fuelled by understanding and connection.

Effortlessly Tailored Team Sessions

Unlock in-depth insights on team dynamics before sessions even start to deliver flawlessly customized programs every time.

Adaptable Across Contexts

Offer in-depth team and organizational analyses with one flexible, scalable tool. The SOI 360 produces both personal self-reflection and 360-degree feedback profiles that catalyze change in teams or companies of any size.

100% Science-Based

Based on the principles of positive psychology, the SOI 360 and supporting tools give constructive research-based feedback, tips, and exercises that stimulate personal growth and development.

The Talent Scanner Platform

Register, Select, Realize. Effortlessly redefine the way you coach.

After registering, you can access your personal subdomain within 24 hours. All we need is your company name and email. Use your login details to instantly start exploring the platform, choosing assessments, and applying them in your sessions. Simple, fast, free.

Expert Support

We also provide easy-to-use digital manuals and are always keen to share our experiences and expertise so you can get the most out of your SOI 360 tools in sessions.

No Hidden Fees

No hidden costs, license fees, or annual subscriptions. At the beginning of each month, you will receive an invoice for the number of questionnaires you have used.

What do your fellow coaches think
about the SOI 360?

This is what Erik Dirven said

Founder of Time To Change

“The Sphere of Influence 360º provides not only insight in personal and 360-team dynamics. Every time it proves to be an excellent basis for dialogue and it never ceases to amaze both professionals as well as coachees regarding the depth and width that it covers.”

And Marc Vanschoenwinkel told us

From Compassion to lead

“The tool provides a good starting point and relevant dimensions to discuss together. It indicates why managers, employees, and colleagues perceive your way of interacting as different.”

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